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Abdominoplasty (Body Reshaping)

Tummy tuck operations are done to remove prominent unwanted abdominal bulges, excess skin and unsightly scars. A full tummy tuck involves repair of the lax and stretched muscle layers in conjunction with removal of excess skin and careful placement of scars to restore a youthful, athletic appearance to the abdomen. Strategic liposuction is often done to enhance the result.

Which Operation is Best For Me?

The operation best suited for each patient is decided on at the time of consultation once the tummy has been examined. Younger patients who have never been pregnant tend to require lesser procedures like liposuction whereas women who has had a number of pregnancies or has pre-existing abdominal scars and a lax abdominal wall, tend to need full tummy tucks to remove excess tissue and repair the muscle layer.

AFTER THE OPERATION the hospital stay varies from 1 to 3 days depending on the extent of the surgery and patient logistics. Lower tummy tuck operations can sometimes be done as day cases under conscious sedation. Full tummy tucks are relatively painful operations but adequate pain medication will be provided.

Most patients have drains in place which will be removed between 1 and 3 days after the operation. Supportive garments are worn for 6 weeks afterwards for the sake of comfort and to counter excessive swelling. Scars are taped for 6 months to help with maturation into less visible pale scars. Scars take at least a year to fully mature.

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