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Reconstructive Microsurgery


What is Replantation Surgery?

"Replantation" refers to the surgical reattachment of an amputated part. This requires microsurgery to re-establish circulation in the amputated part. Fingers are commonly amputated as they are exposed.

How is The Procedure Done?

It is important that the amputated part is preserved correctly on the way from the site of the accident to the clinic. Prior to replantation, an assessment of the patient for a long surgery and assessment of the amputated part for the suitability for replantation is done. The key steps for digital replantation include fixation of the bone, repair of the tendons and microvascular repair of the arteries, veins and nerves. On the average, replantation of a single digit can take 4-6 hours.

What Kind of Recovery Can I Expect

Functional recovery in terms of sensory recovery, active range of motion and cosmesis are important aspects of successful replantation after viability has been achieved by accurate microvascular anastomosis. In the long term, a good nerve and strong tendon repair with stable skeletal fixation without violation of the skin or joint will ensure a good outcome. Ischaemic time is also crucial and has to be kept in check.

The patient has the most important role in the recovery process. Good circulation has to be maintained to aid recovery. At the same time, younger patients have a better chance at re-growing their nerves and regaining their feelings and movement in the replanted part.

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